Whole Hearted Relationships for Couples

Sha Ali is your main therapist and is part of Rob Kirby's team.
I work closely with Rob Kirby in the USA to bring the latest Relationship therapies to you.

Besides standard therapies that are used like Gottman, EFT, Real, Doherty and CBT we are able to extend these to go far beyond what other couple counsellors are providing. Old techniques have proven not to work and hence the high divorce rate.

Communication is based on safety, trust, connection, acknowledgement and this is all created in your inner world. 

This level of therapy developed by Rob Kirby is a proven process and helped thousands of people worldwide. Sha Ali will support you through this and moving to a healthy relationship.

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See below for our video series.

Sha Ali goes over the first steps in reconnecting with your partner - Dialogue

See below as well for our video  series on relationships

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Rob Kirby has dedicated 35 years of his life to helping couples.
Sha Ali is part of his team to help Couples in Australia

Helping couples find a way back to a healthy relationship using the highest levels of therapy developed by Rob Kirby.

Rob is a leader in Relationship Counselling known throughout the World and is based in the USA. He ran the successful heartfelt relationship workshops for over 20 years - transforming thousands of couples lives.

Sha Ali has trained with him for over 10 years utilising Coherence 123.  Sha is part of Rob's Team and available for Australian Clients. 

See below for our video  series on relationships

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Trust in Relationships.
Sha and Rob talk about these important topics to get you started.

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Relationship skills - connection.
The secret to communication.

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Relationship with your Self - the first steps.

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Safety in Relationships - Keys to begin your connection to start communicating

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Anger in Relationships - Anger serves a purpose but can quickly turn to being destructive to your relationship

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