The Quit Smoking was effective and allowed myself to give up on the first session. My partner also did the session and he too quit. Joanne

Sha had a stall at the Mind Body Spirit Festival at Darlinghurst. I had a session with him and felt an amazing transformation and less anxious about things - Suzanne J

Sha therapies are very unique. He can cause rapid transformation. Have recommended for my friends as well. Julie T

Sha ran a workshop in Newtown. It was amazing to see how quickly people connected with the therapy. Lisa M

It has been really helpful to speak to you these past weeks. I took the initiative and have reached out to my inlaws. My partner and I, I do feel that I am being heard and that perhaps I have a better understanding of him now. So thank you for that. Wishing you a Merry and safe holiday season. Thank you again C D 12 Dec 2021

Thank you Sha for the sessions. After the first session I felt a lot lighter and my drinking reduced significantly. I feel I can standup for myself and don't find I get triggered about things like before. I feel I am in a space that I can be honest and not pretend to be someone else. The sessions have changed my life around LP 01 Feb 2021

After 15 years of smoking I have quit with Sha's help. I can go to work and stand around all the other smokers and not feel I have to smoke. It has saved me a significant amount of money as well and I feel I have more energy. I have recommended Sha to a few of my colleagues who also decide to quit. Jan E , Oct 2021

Amar haj hamad


Sha is great. I have animal phobia and within the first session with sha using hypnotherapy, i was able to touch a dog. The process is still ongoing but there was a lot of improvement.

Flor Silvestre


Sha, is is amazing. I must admit at first I was quiet skeptical about, healing energy work and therapies. Since the first session, I've experienced a shift in my energy, I feel more hopeful and calmed. Thanks Sha for helping me to transition to a whole new level of consciousness.

Scott E


Thanks again for today Sha. All kinds of awesome bro. You rock!!  Haven't smoked for weeks



We are still communicating really well, and have improved our approach to conflict and discussions regarding our perspective about parenting the children. Everything is going great. Thank you for your support in our time of need. I'll recommend you to any couples In a tough spot. VP 10 Feb 2022 

Tony and Kylie


Couples Counselling : We found Sha to be very approachable & his relaxed nature made it very easy to talk to him.
We had 1 on 1 sessions with Sha as well us both of us being at the appointment.
Sha has given us tools to break down our past behaviors to build a marriage of love, trust and true partnership.
We found the sessions and exercises to be fun and meaningful, It highlighted new things we found out about each other, as well as remembering the things we had forgotten about. We married each other because of love, but we needed to refocus on how we talk, treat and communicate with each other. This has been one of the best experiences ever. Thanks again Sha... Tony and Kylie

Jen and Sj


Couples Transformation:  Over 5 sessions we learnt ways to communicate better, deal with conflict and deepen our relationship. A few times we got into arguments but now have  way to deal with it. We made sure to share a congratulatory high 5 afterwards too We owe it to you Sha. 

Case Studies for TRTP

PTSD - Abuse related

CASE STUDIES 40’s Female Severe Anxiety, panic attacks, fear, depressed, symptoms of PTSD is great! 51 year old female with significant history of sexual, emotional and physical abuse, alcohol dependence from age 12 and multiple psychiatric diagnoses. Is doing great

PTSD - Ex American Marine

Ex American Marine experiencing Full Blown PTSD after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan is great! Female Mid 30’s OCD, Anxiety, Panic attacks, depression, symptoms indicating possible PTSD.  Is doing great

Child Abuse

Female Mid 30’s Psychologically and Physical abused as a child, workplace bullied. Anxious, unassertive, stressed. is great! Female Middle aged, Panic attacks, significant anxiety, isolated, recently separated, child hood bullying, depressed, anxious and stressed. Is doing great

Teenage Panic Attack

Teenage Female experiencing Panic Attacks, Anger, Severe Anxiety, Depression, low self-esteem eating disorders. is great! Teenage female, anorexia, self-harming, cutting hospitalized, anxious, disrupted family, previous 4 years counselling ineffective. Is doing great

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Sha has a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and certified in Magnetic Mind Coaching,  Theta Healing, Tesla, Reiki, Life Coaching and studied Tai Chi for over 30 years. He has run workshops for over 7 years in Sydney, NSW Australia.