The Quit Smoking was effective and allowed myself to give up on the first session. My partner also did the session and he too quit. Joanne

Sha had a stall at the Mind Body Spirit Festival at Darlinghurst. I had a session with him and felt an amazing transformation and less anxious about things - Suzanne J

Sha therapies are very unique. He can cause rapid transformation. Have recommended for my friends as well. Julie T

Sha ran a workshop in Newtown. It was amazing to see how quickly people connected with the therapy. Lisa M

Amar haj hamad


Sha is great. I have animal phobia and within the first session with sha using hypnotherapy, i was able to touch a dog. The process is still ongoing but there was a lot of improvement.

Flor Silvestre


Sha, is is amazing. I must admit at first I was quiet skeptical about, healing energy work and different spiritual modalities. Since the first session, I've experienced a shift in my energy, I feel more hopeful and calmed. Thanks Sha for helping me to transition to a whole new level of consciousness.

Scott E


Thanks again for today Sha. All kinds of awesome bro. You rock!!  Haven't smoked for weeks

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Sha has a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and certified in Magnetic Mind Coaching,  Theta Healing, Tesla, Reiki, Life Coaching and studied Tai Chi for over 30 years. He has run workshops for over 7 years in Sydney, NSW Australia.